The programme Adopts A Grandparent will be in contact to younger and older

This Saturday, October 21, starts the intergenerational program Adopts A Grandfather in Salamanca, an initiative whose objective is to put in contact young people and older.

The chairman of the project, Alberto Cabanes, is satisfied with the reception that has had this project in Salamanca, spain. “We have received so many requests of young people salmantinos, so that Salamanca was a high-priority target for us”, he said.

As explained by Cabanes, the initiative has emerged from a personal experience to verify the solitude that they had older people who were at the residence of his grandfather. One of them ended up adoptándole as the grandson, so he came up with this program that offers a accompaniment of one and a half hour weekly during one school year, from October until may, while respecting academic vacations and the exam period.

The program in Salamanca will be led by ambassador Leticia Falagán, of 27 years, who has shown satisfied and very excited at the response to the good reception of the program in his city, and he says he feels very proud of the commitment and values that are demonstrating to our young people.

In the two years since we started this initiative, he has received several national and international awards in social innovation, and already has more than 4,500 applications in the list of 12 countries. Up to the time they were only present in five cities, but the strong demand of young people has made this rapid growth and are already present in 20 Spanish cities, among them, Salamanca.

young people who want to participate can register through their website,, contact them through Facebook (Adopt A Grandparent) or in the e-mail [email protected]