Put in place a program to accompany higher intelligence limit

The Catalan Association for Integration and Human Development (acidH) will launch next month a program of active ageing which will help prevent older people with intelligence limit (IL) have to be placed in homes with people without disabilities.

The association has explained today in a statement that “people with intelligence limit has a process of aging faster than the rest and do not feel comfortable in a residence with people who, in some cases, may have an age very superior and have very different needs”.

For this reason, the program will allow them to continue living in their homes in regime of ‘housing residence’, floors, wards of which they have no key and that will take a few times of opening and closing..

in Addition, this change will be accompanied by a plan of activities specific thought for that these people do not lose abilities or skills and feel performed, like Tai Chi, painting or crafts.

According to acidH, it is estimated that around 2% of the population of Catalonia is affected by intelligence limit and have deficits in adaptive capacity in areas such as communication, domestic life, self-control or social skills.

The people with the IL “are especially vulnerable and have difficulties in personal, social, educational, and labor to meet the demands of the environment,”, explained the association.

Another of the lines of work that is unfolding is the improvement in the detection of people with IL, which tends to be a collective invisibilizado, from training to education professionals and health care so that they can bring to the people affected, as soon as possible, to the resources created specifically for them.

Source: Elperiodico.com