Experts highlight importance of diagnosing spinal fractures to see if they are related with osteoporosis

Copenhagen (EFE).- Experts gathered today in Copenhagen at the XXXIV Symposium of the European Society of Tissue Calcified (ECTS), highlighted the importance of diagnosing spinal fractures to find out if están related to the osteoporosis and prevent the risk of future breakage. The president of the Society Espa&bath;wave of Research’n &Rsquo;sea and Mineral Metabolism (SEIOMM), Nuria Gua&bath;abens,&bathrooms;’ to Efe that this type of fracture están just diagnosed -one every three – and that many times go unnoticed, so a great n&number;number of patients remains untreated.

Sec&number;n several international studies, in the united States and Europe around 30 per cent of women posmenopáusicas and one out of every five men over 50 to&years suffer from this disease, characterized by the péloss of tissue ’seo in the bones because of a descalcificaci’re. Gua&bath;abens, head of the department of Reumatología del Hospital Clínico of the University of Barcelona and participating in the congress, resalt’ to suffer a vertebral fracture osteopor’tica increases up to 4 times the relative risk of suffering another. A análysis comparison between the five países of the european más people’n, prepared by the firm mémedical Nycomed and released today, reveals that Espa&bath;to lead the section to provide therapy with parathyroid hormone (PTH) to patients with osteoporosis. In Espa&bath;to the 4.69% of women who have suffered two vertebral fractures receiving it, compared to 1,96 France, 1.64 Italy 1.04 Germany and 0,24 in the United Kingdom. In the case of women who have suffered a fracture osteopor’tica, the percentage of low-Espa&bath;to to 1.49 percent, versus 0.08 in the Uk. The PTH, which modifies the structure ’, is a treatment used when there is a high risk of vertebral fractures, where it shows extremely effectively, ” explained’ Gua&bath;abens, who resalt’ the great n&number;number of remedies of different kinds which have appeared in the &number;last&years. S&number;n análysis of Nycomed, a producer of one of the PTH-traded, s’30,000 of the nearly 2 million people who have suffered fractures due to this disease in the five países studied receive this type of treatment. The annual costs for direct in Europe for fractures osteopor’policies amounted to 31.700 million euros in 2000 and it is expected that the number will increase to 76.700 million in 2050, according to the data disseminated in the congress. EFE