Pastor demand a Covenant by the Dependence with “enough”


The president of Congress, Ana Pastor, has advocated for a legislature long provided important agreements of State, who has sued one for the unit that includes the provision of “enough”.

it Is one of the petitions he has launched during the conference and a conversation that has starred in the headquarters of the newspaper The Reason.

In a legislature that has asked them as long as possible should curdle, to your understanding, a covenant in front of the demographic challenge that guarantees pensions, the other on the health care model to strip it of political races, and one more on dependency.

“We got older and we lose the health”, has been said to explain below: “the key Is to have a good public coverage of dependence, since not all of us have sufficient resources” to afford it when the time comes.

Also has been considered essential agreements on education or against male violence, all these aspects about what “the political parties think pretty much the same”.

To do this it is necessary to stability in a legislature that has not completed even a year.

the Legislature already has in front of the first fundamental agreement on the draft budget that the Finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, presented yesterday at the Congress.

The Government does not have the support guaranteed to the adoption of the public accounts this year, while in the ranks of the PP there is optimism about it, and this was stated by the president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, at the end of last week.

Pastor, in fact, has paraphrased the head of the Government: “Indeed, we have to make a lot of friends”.

however, the Congress president has gone above and beyond to express their wish that the Socialist Party participates in the “major issues of State”, including the general budget.