The College of Physicians of Madrid, is shown opposite the co-payment of health

El Colegio de Médoctors of Madrid (ICOMEM) has expressed its rejection to the possibility of applying the system of co-payment in health services, as supondría "a agresi’n a la economía of the pensioners espa&bath;ols", who along with the retired and sick cr’nicos to beían, the main people affected, s&number;n has informed the institution’re. These three groups of population’n who are más attending the consultations, más hospital admissions in need and those who más fármacos consume. S&number;n cálculos of the College, 80 percent of the elderly are carriers of at least one disease cr’nica and 45 per cent of más of a, además only in pharmacy spending produced by the biggest rises to 77.4 percent of the total.

With the facility’n as a measure of revenue, the greater part of the collection’n dependía of these people, "a day’n socially unjust if you take into account that, in líneas general, are those that present the revenues, más low", s&number;n ha&bath;winged the vocal of Mémedical Retirees of the College, dr. angel Bear. DIAGNSTICO SLUGGISH AND RISING HEALTH-care costs "The financial sustainability of the health system espa&bath;ol can not, nor should it, rest in the co-payment of the pensioners", has continued to assert that "the covers’n of the co-payment in the health care system meaná a agresi’n a la economía of the eight million pensioners espa&bath;oles, Organizations of Older combatán with all their forces". Also, the Colegio de Médoctors of Madrid argues that this measure is implemented before the alleged excessive use of health services by its free, couldíto be "adverse effect", which will lead to’to "diagnosis’forecast tardíor diseases with the consequent deterioration of health p&number;public, así as an increase in health expenditure". The refusal on the part of ICOMEM to the possibility of a system of co-payment in Health is manifest’ in the debate recently held ‘co-pay: *an option’n válida for the national health system?’, organised by the Sociedad Espa&bath;wave of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) and the Association’n National reporting of Health (ANIS).