The College of Physicians of Barcelona and surgeons to develop a protocol for operations of obesity

BARCELONA, (EUROPA PRESS) El Colegio Oficial de Médoctors of Barcelona (COMB) and the surgeons bariácitrus produceán a protocol of actuaci’n to the operations of reducci’n of the obesity that the méphysicians undertake to use and to beá ready in April, s&number;n explained’ to Europa Press, the president of the institution’n, Miquel Bruguera. After the meeting’n that remained this week with the surgeons bariácitrus after the "alarm" by the death a month ago on clínicas barcelona afterés of operations reducci’n weight, Bruguera explained’ that the meeting sirvi’ to "examine" the course’n and search for "measures".

Bruguera it underlines’ that the level of safety of the surgery, laser treatment’bariáin the urethra in Barcelona is "very high", with a mortality rate of between 0.1% and 0.2% of the más 1,000 interventions that are performed in the a&bath;or. The president of the COMB argued that it is because of the operations carried out by surgeons "very experienced". The leader of the COMB said’ the protocol set to serveá to know that in all of the places that are practiced operations reducci’re weight there are some requirements to act. Among the points that contendrá this protocol, which is presentá in a conference organized by the COMB on surgery, laser treatment’bariáin the urethra, beá to establish that this type of intervention s’it can carry out surgeons with experience; there is a control immediate postoperative period for the hours following the operation’n, and that set about surveillance measures. Bruguera expected that this protocol will serve to end the "discomfort" with which they have lived in the médoctors deaths in the clínicas barcelona that have aroused an alarm that "it does not reflect a reality" and a certain tendency to think that "things are not done well enough" at the clínicas.