A Pharmaceutical company, the british proposed the reimbursement of cancer treatment if has no effect

London (EFE).- A compa&bath;’to farmacéutica británica has proposed to the National Health Service (NHS) to reimburse the cost of 36.250 € a fármaco to treat the cáncer de médula espinal in the event that the patient does not experience any progress. The NHS as s’the cover’to the expenses of the medication, name Velcade, when patients respond positively to treatment. The National Institute for Health and Excellence Clínica (Nice) recommends that patients suffering from myeloma m&number;multiple in Wales and England, a-based therapy of Velcade, cover’to the National Health Service.

Sec&number;n the proposal of the manufacturer, Janssen-Cilag, the National Health Service dutyíto assume the cost of treatment &number;only in the case in which éste dé good results. The proposal, which must give the nod to the Ministry of Health británico, couldíto set a precedent that help’to afford the new and expensive treatments against the cáncer, whose price ranges between around 14,500 euros and 72.500 euros per patient. In the tests médicas made, Velcade reduced, fren’ or even invirti’ progression’n of the disease. S&number;n the recommendations of Nice, patients who respond partially or completely to the fármaco dutyán to continue with the treatment funded by the NHS, while those that do not take effect for them to leaveá to supply, and the costs to beán reimbursed by the farmacéutica. In opini’re the director executive of Nice, Andrew Dillon, "to&number;n it is too early to say if it can’to mark the beginning of a new trend, but judging by our conversations with other companies, there are signs that alsoén están thinking of this same línea". The Ministry of Health and the company farmacéutica is pronounceán on the feasibility of this measure by pr’ximo October. EFE