A drug that inhibits the brain’s response to stress might be helpful against alcoholism

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) A fármaco that inhibits part of the brain’s response to the estrés can’to be &number;useful in therapies for alcoholism, s&number;n a study by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of united States. The study, conducted in mice and in human patients that habían past by a previous treatment of desintoxicaci’n, is published in ‘Science Express’, the edition’re a digital magazine ‘Science’.

despite the ésuccess of the interventions, such as those made from Alcoh’catholic An’minimum, abuse cr’nico of alcohol remains a problem of health p&number;public of important and researchers están therefore interested in the development of therapies farmacol’times complementary.  Taking into account that the estrés is a trigger of the recaídas in alcoholism, the researchers analyzed if the inhibici’n farmacol’gica receptor 1, neurokinin a, or ‘NK1R’, a mediator of the response to the estrés of the brain, couldíto relieve s’symptoms associated with alcohol dependence. Afterés to be documented in mice that habían reduced the levels of NK1R showed a lower consumption of alcohol than controls, the authors examined the effects of an fármaco that is opon’to the NK1R in a controlled study small branches;or inpatient alcoh’catholic that habían gone through a recent desintoxicaci’re. The fármaco how’ action’re hopeful, that the authors assessed, using a variety of indirect measures, such as the b&number;search of alcohol. The results need toán to be confirmed in studies más large, of greater length’n.