More than a million people consume alcohol in quantities that risk

Madrid (EFE).- Más of twelve million people over the age of 16 a&branches;I drink in Espa&bath;as usual, and 1.2 million are ingesting beverages alcoh’licas considered to be at risk, s&number;n the Health Survey 2006 presented by Health. The survey, prepared upon the people’n 16&bath;os más of 37.4 million inhabitants), accounted for 25.5 million consumers of alcohol, of which 14.6 million are men. 19.8 percent of the drinkers are occasional; a 5.8 per cent are former drinkers, 26 percent do not have this háhabit, 48% of usual way and a 4.7 percent ingested some amounts considered to be at risk.

This &number;last percentage rises to 6.8 per cent in the case of men and 2.7 per cent in the case of women. A regular drinker is someone who consumes a drink alcoh’basilica at least a día to the week, and a drinker of risk is the one who eats más of 40 g/día (man) and más 20 g/día (woman). These data cannot be compared to&years earlier due to that this indicator is construía in a different way. S&number;n the Ministry of Health, population’n of between 45 and 54&bath;os is the más risk of developing problems related to this consumption. By day’re in labour, 12,5 of the 19 million employed say they have consumed alcohol in the two &number;last week, and among the unemployed have indeed 1.4 of the 2.6 million unemployed that is accounted for in the time of the survey. In the case of students, the percentage exceeds 50 per cent: nearly 1.3 million of a total of 2.4 million. Similar situation’n is recorded among the 7.6 million retirees, as nearly half (3.6 million) says ingested alcohol in the two &number;last weeks. In the set of persons who devote themselves primarily to the tasks of the household is given the lower proportion’n, since s’1.7 4.8 million people have drunk it in the &number;last fourteen días. For ages, the stripes can range between 25 and 54 to&years to accumulate a good part of the total number of people who have consumed alcohol in the &number;last&damages;or: más than fifteen million of the total 25.5 million. EFE