Experts recommend taking the pain reliever in the first half-hour to control the pain of headache and do not enter the so-called "spiral of pain"

Madrid, .- A research’re carried out by the University of Sapienza (Rome) and published recently in the journal “J Headache Pain” concludes that the effect of fármaco is greater if administered in the time in which the headache is in its early stages. Therefore, the use of ráask medication generates greater efficiency of the same. Así, más important, the response time that the type of fármaco.

In this sense, Dr. Honore, of the Department of Farmacología Clínica, University of Navarra affirms that “the ideal time to ingest the medication beíto the first half-hour from starting the first s’symptoms”. The expert ensures that “a fármaco básico as it can be the aspirin taken at the first s’symptoms is much más efficient than one más powerful an hour afterés”. The experts suggest that 59% of europeans suffer headaches at least once a month and in the words of Dr. Honorato factors más frequent that facilitate the appearance’n of this ailment are: “not having slept enough hours, the anxiety and the estrés”. With respect to some háhabits incorrect between espa&bath;oles says that “espa&bath;ols generally are slow in taking action. It is very common that at the first s’symptoms of head pain is expected “to see if it happens to me”, which gives a result in a percentage escasísimo situations. The actuaci’re ideal to beíto take ráquickly the aspirin at the first s’symptoms of head pain to cut the progression’n pain”. The spiral of pain The time alsoén has a lot to do in the appearance’n of the spiral of pain. When the patient delays the time of intake of the medication occurs a progressive increase of the headache. Así, you will enter a spiral of pain that increases the difficulty of attack past an hour since the first s’symptoms of the same. The spiral of pain is a way of understanding the evolution’re the pain that you put a number of mechanisms in place that cause the pain is increasing. For the researchers of the University of Rome, más important is to inhibit the formation’n of prostaglandins, which are substances that sensitize pain receptors and cause you to go to más. In this regard, aspirin has the ability to block the action’n of prostaglandins making does not occur the pain. S&number;n the study of the University of Rome, if you swallowed the fármaco in due time, you will produceá a cut in the development of the spiral of pain, without the need of suffering a disease acute.