The treatment against Parkinson’s disease through the abdomen benefits a large number of patients, according to an expert

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) The new system for the treatment against Parkinson’s disease implanted recently in the Hospital son Dureta of Palma de Mallorca is an advance "very important" to try to improve the consequences that develop the people who get this patología, and whose benefits applyán a n&number;mere "nothing small branches;or patient", s&number;n explained’ to Europa Press, the head of the department of Neurología del Hospital Clínico de Barcelona, Eduardo Tolosa.

Recently, the team of the department of Neurología del Hospital universitario son Dureta prob’ with great ésuccess of a new treatment based on the administration’n of a substance called levodopa, consisting of the facility’re on the abdomen of the patient, and that allows you to significantly improve your quality of life, and I allowedéenabling you to regain movements that teníto be limited by the advance of the afecci’re. This expert, member of the Committeeé scientificífico of the Federaci’n Espa&bath;wave of Parkinson’s disease and director of the unit of Parkinson’s disease and Abnormal Movements of the said hospital,&bathrooms;’ that about five to ten percent of people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease may be amenable to further treatment, a considerable amount s&number;n Tolosa. Además, detail’ that the implantaci’n of the system ‘luvodopa’ is carried by generalizing for a&bath;or and está especially indicated for patients who present difficulties in the ingesti’n fármaco by vía oral. Tolosa aclar’ that the application’n orally have presented an absorption’re very variable in treated persons, and that in some cases present difficulties in the re’n of their properties. Alsoén it underlines’ alsoén está directed to people who are "failure" on your system drive because of the effects of the disease. For this reason, the director of the Unit of Parkinson’s disease at the Hospital Clínico of Barcelona explained’ advantage of the supply tube allows it to be very constant level of levodopa in the plasma sanguíneo, which improves muchísimo the treatment for patients who present bad check’n of the substance by vía oral. "can Be achieved in some cases spectacular results", enfatiz’. Además, Tolosa highlighted wi’ the change provided by the treatment implemented at son Dureta assumes a forward, and gave as an example of the benefits of this therapy the results achieved by his unit at the Hospital Clínico of Barcelona, to present successful results in seven of the nine patients included in this treatment. Finally, this expert on Parkinson said’ administration’n of levodopa está in "v’s development or application’n" in mostíto of hospitals in the país, and place’ alsoén in the Balearic islands has been launched.