Six out of every ten smokers consume the same or more after entry into force of the law

Madrid (EFE).- 67 per cent of smokers over the age of 16 a&bath;os consumes the same or más cigarettes since the entry into force, in January 2006, of the Law anti-Smoking, s&number;n the National Health Survey. The data from this survey, developed by the National Institute of Stand’travel between June of 2006 and the same month of 2007, reveal that 26.4 percent of the population’n espa&bath;ola with más 16 a&years smoked daily, 3% occasionally 20.5 has left, and close to half have not ever smoked. Así, of the 37.4 million people over the age of 16 to&years, 9.8 million are daily smokers, and 1.1 million of them from time to time.

Andalucía, Catalu&branches;a, Madrid and Comunidad Valenciana are the autonomous communities that have a higher n&number;number of daily smokers, and stick together, as a whole, three-thirds of the consumers of tobacco in the país, in which Navarra is one of the communities with fewer daily smokers, 127.400. On the total of daily smokers, 22.7 percent consume más in cigarettes that makes it two years, 44.3 percent, and the 32.9 percent less. By sexes, women have increased más your consumption of tobacco in the &number;last two years (27.4 percent) compared to men (19.4 per cent), while six out of every ten j’venes between the ages of 16 and 34 to&years smoked más that then. On the contrary, the survey finds that the largestíto smoking of más 65&years have decreased their number of cigarettes in these two years, and only 8 percent smokes now más. In terms of the n&number;number of cigarettes, four out of every ten smokers consumes on average a package or más día, proportion’n that is higher among men (50.2 percent) than among women (31,6%), as well as among those who are 55 to 64 to&years (55.6 per cent) compared to the j’have 16 to 24 to&years (25.6 per cent). For the &number;last, the survey sit&number;in 17,3&years the average age of onset of tobacco use in Espa&bath;.EFE