Only one of every ten citizens see the pharmacy as a centre exclusively health

Only 9 percent of citizens believe that the pharmacy is exclusively a health centre, while 41 per cent believed that it was a commercial establishment and a 47 percent combining both facets.
In addition, although 58% of the population goes to the pharmacist (either always, frequently or sometimes) to resolve their doubts about the medication, a 41 % claimed never to go to the pharmacy for this reason.
These are some of the main conclusions of the study “refcom. The reality of the community pharmacy in Spain”, presented today during the day How should be the pharmacy needs of the people?, organized by the Spanish Society of Community Pharmacy (Sefac) and Ratiopharm.
90 % of the citizens surveyed maintained a positive relationship with their pharmacist and feel very satisfied with their work, according to the study, which indicates that a 20 % is of the opinion that the advice of your pharmacist avoids always or often unnecessary visits to the health centre, and 43 % said they avoided some times.
However, the report indicates that there are areas for improvement such as seeking greater and better integration of the work of pharmacies in the health system, since only 15 % of the pharmacists believed that the community pharmacy is sufficiently integrated or harnessed, a view shared by 39 % of the population.
In addition, 49 % considered that the knowledge of pharmacists are not well-used