The Secretary of Dependency considered a "nonsense" to think that the Social Services Agency of andalusia to privatize social services

The secretary-general to the Attention’n to the Dependence of the Board of Andalucía, July, Coca, has considered that it is a "nonsense" to say that the future Agency for Social Services and health Care’re the Dependency which has arisen in the framework of the reordenaci’n of the sector p&number;public andalusian meaná privatization’n of the system and the services that it develops the Law of Dependence, claiming that the new entity’s p&number;public business to bringá "greater agility and efficiency" to benefit’n of the System resources for the AutonomíStaff and the Care’n to the Unit.

Coca has explained that the Social Services Agency and Health’re the Unit, enterá into operation on 1 January 2011, "do not privatizeá the provision’n of the social services of the Junta of Andalucía", something that has called "barbarity" and has been attributed to "information malicious on the part of certain interests of trade union". In regard to the System of Autonomíto the Staff and Care there’n to the Unit, the secretary-general has clarified that "managerial’n of the Unit will takeá out like that now with an administrative agency p&number;public, environm’n p&number;public and personal p&number;public", so the idea is to "cut out all that makes the Secretaría General of Care’re the Dependency, everything that makes the Foundation’n for the Attention’n e Incorporaci’n Social (Fadais), and everything that makes the Foundation’n Andalusian Social Services (FASS) –both extinguishán so eitheránea to the creation’n agency– and paste in the future Agency continue working as". In this way, has ensured that "all of the workers have contracts for works and services, followán hired for works and services in the Agency and those that are interim, followán being the caretaker or the decision of the protocol integration’n, like all exercise of administrative powers have to be civil servants", so that the workers of Fadais and Fass "do not integrateán as civil servants, but employees of p&number;property". The secretary-general has highlighted the "greater flexibility and effectiveness to bringá the agency in the provision’n of social services in the field of dependence, care’re social to individuals, families, groups or children, así as the customer’n to the drug dependency and addiction, and the only to’social", so that "when operation of the future agency p&number;public business, no habrá to wait for competitions or transfer to that Function’n P&number;public of dowry-a position that is vacant". "treatá apply mechanisms of management’n private, but are applied to the p&number;public, what to bringá higher efficiency", has&bath;winged. Coca has ensured that whatever the Board of Andalucía "continueá working to advance the agility of the system", especially, in what concerns the time limits of tramitaci’n of the records from which an application is submitted until it starts to provide the service. S&number;n has pointed out, "there are provinces such as Almería, Jaén, C’rdoba and Huelva that are adjusted to deadlines and able to handle records at around four or six months", while other provinces, such as Seville and Málaga "have más difficulties" and can last up to ten months. On the other hand, he remembered that the pr’ximo a&bath;or 2011 the allocation of funds from the State to the AUTONOMOUS communities is hará taking into account that 77 per cent of the budget has to be distributed in a function’n of people actually served in each community and not attending in your largestíto the weight of the population, as is hacía to the last a&bath;or, when it was possible’, after an initiative of Andalucía, the 50 percent of the funds will be spread according to this criterion, so that the support econ’mico that I got’ the Board increases’ in a 7.3 per cent". The secretary-general has indicated that Andalucíto account for 2011 with a budget of nearly 850 million euros to fund the services provided in the System, which means an investment’n of 2.5 million euros to the día, medio mill’n más with respect to the past a&bath;or. Alsoén has insisted that the Board of Andalucía maintains its commitment for the services against the performance econ’micas, in the andalusian community represents 45 percent of the aid, having fallen in más of five points in the &number;last&years and situámoving four points below the national average of 49 per cent. However, it has been said that in Andalucíto an "culture couánea deep-rooted that makes families refuse to care’n of dependent outside your home". "We are trying to make families recognize that sometimes the dependents are más benefit when they are served in residences or centres día, but in the end are the families who decide and have the &number;last word in front of the st’re professional, that strives at a task pedag’gica permanent but without making this a cause of war", ha&bath;winged, recalling that the year’n of the Board is that the criterion of the professional prime on the family, the question of whether’re posed permanently in the Territorial Council of the Unit, integrated by all the AUTONOMOUS communities and the State. In this sense, has highlighted that since the start of the application’n of the Law of the Dependence in 2007, has grown by 68 percent the n&number;number of places in residences and centres of día within the system p&number;public, and has stated that these squares "to goán growing as a function’re of the needs, because the moment that there is a recognized right, there is that ensure your care’n". However, it is&bathrooms;winged it "there are currently vacancies in both residences as centres of día, but what happens is that not all están located exactly in the centres closest to the domicile of the dependent".  LINKS DE INTERÉS ABOUT THE LAW OF DEPENDENCE