Oils that help you lose the belly!

The summer is almost here and nothing better than to keep the body in shape in this season, isn’t it? And, for this, in addition to a balanced diet and the regular practice of physical exercises, we can rely on some strengths more as the vegetable oils. These oils are high there is a good time and they are not only extremely healthy, but also help burn that fat more located in the abdomen. We separate here some of the oils are fairly well known and that can help in the fight against the undesirable pneuzinhos.

Oil of Coconut

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coconut oil is high and it is not now. He is a great ally for those who want to keep the body in good shape for the summer, as it helps to lose weight and lose that so unwanted tummy. The oil can be added to meals and acts in the retardation of gastric emptying and ensuring the feeling of satiety for a longer time and thus decreasing the hunger. In addition, it is thermogenic, that is, accelerates the burning of fat in the body and is an excellent antioxidant. It is still a source of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which are a kind of fat easily absorbed by the body, it is not getting stored for a long period of time.

Oil of Safflower

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The safflower is a plant of asian origin relative of the sunflower, and the oil produced from its seeds acts burning the fat located in the abdomen. It is rich in two substances important for weight loss, which are linoleic acid (also known as omega 6) that acts as a catalyst in the burning of the fat brown, and oleic acid (omega 9), which decreases the production of the hormone cortisol, responsible for storing of fat in the body. Although beneficial, its consumption should be moderate, 3 to 4 capsules per day or one tablespoon before main meals.

Canola Oil

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