Why the clowns are scared?

In the stories of terror and suspense, the clowns are one of the main actors, which led people to fear them and even generate phobias

One of the clowns the most famous is ” Pennywise” , a character created by Stephen King in his novel, that intensified the fear that a person with too much makeup and big shoes can cause.

But clowns are a symbol of fear?

Crimes of the clown

One of the reasons for the bad reputation of the clowns, are the murderers that have been characterized as they cause the faults as is the case of the american John Wayne Gacy.

Wayne was called “Pogo the clown” and, in his free time, was to hospitals, birthdays, and fiestas of charity, but behind this generous picture, there was a dark story.

To participate in events between 1972 and 1978, the Pogo raped and murdered 33 children, for which he was sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Another example are the recent sightings of clowns in the forests of the United States, which frighten the citizens for no apparent reason.

Painted cause more fear

A study conducted by the University of Sheffield in 2008, states that children can enjoy clowns, but not when you see them painted or decorations.

The researchers reported that 255 children between 7 and 16 years of age are found in their taste of decoration in the area pediatric hospitals.

As a result, it was found that all the children have rejected the images of clowns because they considered terrible.

“we have Found that children have an aversion to universal to clowns, some found them quite frightening and mysterious”, said Penny Curtis, co-author of the study.

When the fear becomes terrifying

In many cases, the fear exceeds the limits and becomes a phobia, or is, when known as ballatrophobia and coulrophobia.

a clinical Psychologist and expert in coulofobia Rami Nader, director of the Clinic of Stress and Anxiety of the Northern Coast in Canada, explains that the fear of clowns, evil is a consequence of traumatic experiences in the past.

“For example, a scare of a clown at a birthday party, images of terrifying clowns in the media or in the case of John Wayne Gacy, who also contributed to this”, he says.

Although the fear does not become a phobia, many clowns are disturbing.

The social psychologist of the College Knox of the U.S., Frank McAndrew , mentions that after researching more than 1,300 people, about the nature of the fear of clowns, he discovered that the profession is considered to be one of the more sinister, even on the taxidermist, the owner of sex or director of a funeral.

“Unfortunately, we could not ask our respondents why they think the clowns are so unsettled”, he says.

Another theory of fear is the physical aspect, that can cause discomfort.

“I think the aversion to clowns has to do with their expressions painted artificially, which prevents them from knowing what we really feel or think, there is an ambiguity about their true feelings, which causes discomfort in the people”, he says.

They were not always happy

Although the clowns convey joy and good wishes, Radford shows that, in the beginning, they were seen as tricksters.

“The mitologo Joseph Campbell, in his classic book The Hero with the Thousand Faces, talks about how the clown is essentially a rogue, which in its first incarnations often linked to the evil and the demons”, he says.

For this reason, he considers the clowns current as a deformation of the traditional character.

“it Is a sinister figure, in part because it combines contradictory feelings of horror and humor, fear and laughter”, he says.

He adds that it may be more disturbing, when we see it outside of its natural habitat.

“If we see in circuses and parties, it’s fun, but if he is standing in a dark street, or by tapping on your door at midnight … so not fun!” He says.

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