Pediatricians call for the funding of the masks for asthmatic children

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics Primary Care (AEPap) has written a letter to the various regional health services requesting the funding of the chambers of inhalation with a mask to administer the medication needed by the children with asthma and other respiratory problems.

currently, most of the autonomous communities only funded the cameras without a mask, a system not suitable for the very young, has pointed out this association in a press release.

“The inhalation systems with camera and mask are suitable for the administration of the treatment drugs to children under three years of age requiring treatment with inhalers”, according to collected guidelines in the treatment of asthma in children set out in separate guides.

in Addition, in different autonomous communities have launched programs or protocols of care for the child and teenager with asthma, which establish the same indications in terms of devices for the administration of therapy with aerosols in children; cameras with a mask for children under 4 years and cameras with nozzle in the greatest of this age.

however, at present, and according to manifest the pediatricians of the group of Airway of the AEPap, in most of the regions continue to be funded chambers of inhalation pediatric with face mask.

The practitioners stress the importance of taking into account this unmet need, and ask that you make sure that both the camera and the mask (either in a single device, or separately) are funded by the Health Services and prescription normal.

To do this, the federated societies of the AEPap shall submit the request in the different communities.