Why Peppa Pig is not the best example?

Among the cartoons of the preference of our children is Peppa Pig , which mainly gives positive messages to children to make them better people, giving them values and showing some things that the kids really do.

however, not all agree on a question, the message of the doctor who is not pointing out what really makes a GP real, that worries the medical of primary care in Sheffield (United Kingdom), Catherine Bell , then the parents don’t realize how and when to call the doctor.

Why Peppa Pig is wrong?

Here are some examples published by the expert in the Christmas issue of the BMJ, research carried out with cleaning methodology, to learn more about our health sector and that we will continue to see the series without ambiguity.

Within the children’s program, the Dr. Brown’s (which in Spanish means “brown bear”), this character is the general practitioner who serves the family Pig, so Bell decided to analyze three cases in the study:

Case 1 Prescription unnecessary

Dr. Brown Bear makes a home visit to meet Peppa Pig for three years with a facial rash. In the query, it says to the parents “it is nothing serious”, then delivers a dose of medication, in addition to tell them that the rash will disappear in a few days.

Then, the doctor asks if Dr. Brown is a professional without scruples to perform a home visit, eventually, from a clinical point of view. It is also an example of revenue unnecessary for a viral disease, and encourages patients to try to access their provider of primary care improperly “.

Case 2 Visit cold

on This occasion, the doctor makes another home visit urgent to the brother of 18 months with symptoms of cold. That after examining the throat, where he diagnoses an infection of the upper respiratory tract and recommends rest and warm milk.

what The expert suggests in this case is that, in spite of the choose again for a home visit urgent unnecessary, the administration of Dr. Brown “it was at least clinically appropriate on this occasion, and his council could encourage the family to self-control of diseases similar in the future “.

Case 3 The doctor may not cover many patients

Finally, he presents the case in which he visits a group of small animals that are playing because three times the pony coughed three times. To know the diagnosis, he immediately administers the medication and warns that the cough is potentially transferable.

Then, the participants of the game and the members of the family have the same symptoms and give them a dose of a medication pink not specific.

Even with the general fast, Dr. Brown could not help being infected by his patients administered the medication, and they sang to him. So, at this time, Dr. Bear has already showed signs of “exhaustion”, says the expert.

“their disrespect for the confidentiality, parental consent, maintenance of records, and the prescription indicates that the weight of the demand of their patient population is affecting his health”, to which they can no longer provide the level of services that their patients expect, ” Bell explained, according to Sync.

How a series can affect the mothers?

The program is broadcast in more than 180 countries around the world, so that people probably do not understand the work of primary care physicians, said Bell.

however, it does describe that also contains educational content and for the Health Sector, such as healthy food, exercise and road safety.

If you are one of the moms who looks like Peppa Pig, you can now know some factors that are not necessary for your doctor go to your house, even explaining it to your son, so that they also have a misconception that, with some of the symptoms, you should visit the doctor.