10 Properties and benefits of ginseng

Inside of the multiple properties of ginseng is to improve memory, fight stress, combat fatigue, prevent and relieve headaches, among other things, that without a doubt, its consumption helps the overall well-being of the body dl.

since ancient times has been known, the benefits and properties of ginseng, the root of this plant has been an extract is a good relaxant and tonic. Improving mental and physical performance.

ginseng is a medicinal plant herbal, that brings balance to the body, in various areas, is of asian origin and its consumption is popular. There are three types of ginseng:


  • Korean Ginseng : red, white
  • the

  • Siberian Ginseng
  • the

  • american Ginseng or Panax

In both is similar the contribution of benefits and properties. Within its nutritional value, ginseng, containing vitamins B , vitamin C, amino acids, estrogens, and essential oils.

10 Benefits and Properties of Ginseng:

Some researches have proved that consumption of this plant helps to activate the defenses, improving and strengthening the body’s immune system, preventing the development of infections.

Today, the stress has changed the daily life, leaving it vulnerable to the body, to develop the many changes, the consumption of ginseng is a great alternative to fight against it, because it contains substances that help regulate the secretion of hormones (adrenaline). ), in addition to strengthening the glands

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The addition of ginseng to the daily consumption will improve the physical resistance, then those that practice a sport is a great alternative

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it is Said that any one of the types of ginseng that is consumed helps to optimize the functioning of the central nervous system, helping a good balance, also helps and improves brain function or neurological

Your consumption helps fight fatigue, chronic fatigue, mental and physical fatigue.

Among the properties most prominent of the ginseng is to be a good source of antioxidants, which is why we will help fight and prevent damage caused by free radicals, preventing cellular aging and the development of diseases

The consumption of ginseng regular basis will help to regulate the cholesterol levels in the blood, especially in people with high cholesterol, this is a great option to get levels more low, thus benefiting from cardiovascular health, it is essential to follow a balanced diet and exercise

it Helps to regulate the blood sugar levels, increases glucose tolerance

it is Believed that it might be beneficial to combat anemia. In some cases, and given the indication of the specialist, this plant was recommended as a great ally as a restorative in convalescence by disease

Helps to combat anxiety

The consumption of ginseng will help the general well-being of the body, however, within the benefits of consuming it, is that it enhances the function of two organs vital to the body, as well as the liver and lungs, as beneficial and optimizes the functions of the liver , allows the elimination of toxins, which are principally the main cause of the development of illnesses and diseases, so add it to a balanced diet will certainly be a great ally to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Some experts point out that the consumption of ginseng in all of the panax can be beneficial to good sexual functioning as a possible natural treatment to combat erectile dysfunction.

There are several properties and benefits of ginseng, which undoubtedly will be of great help to maintain good health. However, it is important to make clear that the consumption of this product, although it is of natural origin, it is the responsibility of those who consume it. If you want a better orientation and / or want to continue as a natural treatment to combat a certain condition, it is important to consult a specialist to avoid complications or side effects, and thus make the most of their benefits.

How to take ginseng

Can be consumed in a variety of presentations, infusions, extracts, tablets, or pills, supplements, candy, syrups, in its natural form, etc. One of the presentations the most common in which it is ingested is as a supplement. It is important to read the instructions and labels of each product to consume on the correct doses, in addition, it is essential to get quality products.

side Effects of ginseng:

This plant, although it is considered medicinal, it is important that it is consumed in moderation, in excess it does not give the best results. On the contrary, abuse their consumption can lead to insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, headache, stomach, hypertension, fever, tachycardia, muscle tension, etc. If you start observing any of the above symptoms when you are consuming the product you have selected, it is necessary to stop immediately and consult your doctor.

For the vast majority of people, the consumption of ginseng had favorable results with no side effects.

contraindications of ginseng

of Course, although its use is beneficial for most people, in some cases, this plant can not be a very good option, so it is important to know in which cases must be avoided:


  • People who suffer from sleep disorders
  • the

  • In the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding (consult your physician before consuming ginseng)
  • the

  • people who suffer from migraines should ask their doctor
  • the

  • In cases of hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease,
  • the

  • If you suffer from diseases such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism
  • the

  • While inside of the properties of ginseng is by regulating the levels of sugar, people with diabetes should ask to the expert if this option is healthier for your treatment
  • the

  • In the case of autoimmune diseases, it is recommended that you ask the doctor
  • the

  • If it is taken a medical treatment, it is important to receive proper guidance from an expert, once that combine ginseng with drugs can cause side-effects

As it turned out, the ginseng has great uses, properties and therapeutic benefits, and is a product of the east, its consumption has become popular, being one of the favorites in natural treatments, this being a product very rich in substances which will help to improve the health of the body.