10 natural remedies to remove warts without leaving the brand

@ Warts are a type of noncancerous growth of the skin that looks like a small tear of the skin. They are harmless from a medical point of view, but can harm the self-esteem of a person, so as to get rid of them is a priority.

There are medical treatments to remove the warts, but in many cases, health insurance does not cover. Fortunately, there are several treatments and home that you can try to get rid of your warts. Just be aware of the location of the wart, and if it is near your eyes, it is best to remove a professional. If it is found anywhere else in the body, there is no danger in using home remedies to do the work.

Among the top skin lesions , we have the warts, that are “growths on the skin that cause a small increase, which can be of different aspects, color and shape”.

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How to remove warts quickly

The warts do not cause emergenica medical, your main problem is aesthetic, then let’s go to a dermatologist that uses the most appropriate treatment and appropriate with more frequency in the use of an ointment applied on the wart, and in other cases and, depending on the characteristics of the same, we use methods such as:


  • Cryotherapy, which freezes the affected area with liquid nitrogen. These are treatments cryogenic.
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  • On other occasions, they are removed by cutting with scissors or scalpels.
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  • They are also burnt using various systems that generate the heat necessary to eliminate those warts annoying. Among these, it is often applied eletrocauterismo, or burn the warts with a specialized piece of equipment for this purpose.
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  • Methods with laser technologies

All of these methods are very expensive and you’ll go to a clinic the cosmetic with a dermatologist specialist, here I explain how you can remove your warts with natural remedies without spending much and without the need to go to the clinic to cosmetic.

Here are the best natural remedies to remove warts:

1. Use oil of oregano to remove moles

The oil of oregano contains thymol, arvacrol and p-cymene – three types of components fenóicos terpenoides – which have powerful antibacterial properties. They also contain properties antimelanômicas, antiespasmódicas, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic.

This oil has the potential to take care of the warts quickly and, on average, it takes a month.

How to apply:

Create a mixture of four to six drops of coconut oil and two or three drops of oil of oregano and apply it directly to your wart three times a day. This should dry the wart to fall off on their own. Make sure you always use an oil base to dilute the oil of oregano, or else you run the risk of redness and irritation. This oil should never be used near the eyes

2. Use apple cider vinegar to remove warts

The apple cider vinegar helps you to destroy the warts from the skin and is completely removed.

what you occupy:


  • apple cider Vinegar
  • the

  • Cotton

How to apply:

Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then remove with a cotton swab with it. Apply the apple cider vinegar on the wart, cleaning and wetting the affected skin. Make sure to squeeze the cotton when you massaging the wart so that the wart is completely impregnated with vinegar. This can be done 3 times per day until the wart to be undone.

Attention: in mind that the vinegar manzanina and the cider is acidic and can cause itching and irritation for a few minutes. To minimize this, reduce the vinegar with water before applying the treatment.

watch this video to see in detail how to apply apple cider vinegar:

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The oil tea tree is a painless way to remove warts from your body. This oil has properties antifúngicas, anti-bacterial and antiviral, as well as the drying of the wart to fall alone.

3. Use the tea tree oil to remove warts

How to apply:

Dip a cotton swab in water and add three drops of oil of tea tree. Thoroughly clean the wart and surrounding area with soap and water before completely dry the entire area. Use the cotton swab with water and oil and gently massage the wart and the surrounding area three times a day. It is important to use water because, if it is not diluted, the oil can irritate the skin.

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4. Use the juice of the stem of the dandelion to remove warts

How to apply:

Grab a dandelion that still has the stem and extract the juice of the stem simply by pressing o. you Will no longer a liquid dairy, which you must apply directly to the skin, and use a band support to stay in the area. Do this up to four times per day.

Remember to wash and dry the skin very well between each application.

This works to dry out a wart and make it fall out. Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to daisies, calêndulas , ambrosia, chrysanthemums, and similar plants because, if you are allergic to one of these, you will certainly also is allergic to dandelions.

The lemon juice is a powerful anti-septic that also contains citric acid, which helps dry up the warts, breaking down the cells.

5. Use lemon juice to remove warts

How to apply:

Take half a fresh lemon and apply the juice on a cotton swab. Apply directly on the wart and leave, without washing. You can do it three times per day and repeat the routine until the wart fall off.

fresh Garlic has properties antifúngicas and anti-bacterial that help improve the health of the skin and dry up the warts.

6. Use garlic to remove warts

How to apply:

You need four cloves of fresh garlic. The mule up to make a paste and apply this pulp directly on the skin. Put a tape in the folder to keep it there.

The second way to apply it is to cut a piece of garlic the plan in order to completely cover the wart, so it should be big enough. Then, a tape is to be applied on the top to keep it there during the day and the night. Once per day, you will change the garlic and tape until the wart disappears.

The juice of the stem of figueiro is used a lot for skin problems because it helps balance the acid and alkali.

7. Uses the juice of the stalk of the liver to destroy warts

How to prepare it and apply it:

To make this juice, take the stems of fresh figs and wash them to extract the juice. You can apply this juice to the wart up to four times per day. On average, the results will be seen after four weeks.

The oil of ricino has been used for hundreds of years to treat various skin problems. It is safe and gives good results.

8. Use castor oil:

a Lot of people claim that it is the safest way to remove warts. When used as a folder, it drains all the moisture from the wart. Can last for a few weeks, but the wart is very likely to fall down naturally.

How to apply:

Mix the castor oil with baking soda. If you add baking soda enough it becomes a thick paste. Before bed place a folder on the wart, check if the folder reaches the stalk of the wart. Apply a strap to the folder of oil of ricino does not fall. In the morning wash the wart to remove all the pulp oil of ricino.

The raw potato will help to dry the wart and eliminate it in a few days.

9. Use a raw potato to remove warts:

How to apply:

Make a dough with a potato raw small, add 2 garlic and 2 cauliflower to the batter. Apply it on the wart before you go to sleep. Use a Band-Aid so that the folder does not move during the night. Apply it for several nights until the wart fall off.

Rub the wart 3 times a day with a piece of potato raw until the wart is removed.

Mix and mix 1/4 of onion with leaves of marigold until you get a folder. This folder will be spread on the wart 3 or 4 times a day leaving the mixture to act for about 15 or 20 minutes in each application.

10. Sheets caldula and onions:

there are Also satisfactory results with the use of the lemon tree aloe vera and banana peel.

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