Did you know that the ovaries change in size?

it Is likely that throughout your life you will rarely ask you about your ovaries, but these every month to remind him to be with you all the time. These bodies are the size of a walnut play a very important role in your body and not only to create life, so here we leave some data that you may not know and you should know.

They can be stressed out

As if it were a person with a low tolerance, their eggs are suffering from stress. According to studies, the ovulation is affected when your body is under pressure, with important changes in your life, for example, a physical change or a change in your daily life.

In short, it is a natural way of preventing pregnancy during periods of anxiety, so do not worry when your period is delayed, you will probably find going through a great deal of stress.

They produce many hormones

You want to know why your body still looks like a girl and is not the same as the other women? A study of the gynecologist Mary Jane Minkin says that the hormones called estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the development of the body during puberty, at that time in which you get to grow breasts and you reach the period for the first time, She also takes care of preparing the uterus for pregnancy.

They can be the cause of your acne

Now that you know which hormones are responsible for changes in puberty, it should be noted that the ovaries play an important role in hormonal balance that can be behind of their problems in the body. On certain conditions, such as the polycystic ovary syndrome , the hormonal balance of estrogen , progesterone, and testosterone, which in excess causes symptoms such as acne and weight gain. This is the last time that you blame the chocolate for all the bars of your face and quiet do not be alarmed, your doctor may prescribe a medicine that will help you control all this.

Change size

unlike the rest of their organs, the ovaries are not static or stagnant. In fact, they change constantly throughout its life cycle, and course. Month-to-month, the size of their sexual glands (which are from three to five inches of normal length) fulfills its function: the release of an egg each month. These changes disappear with the menopause, where the eggs knead.

They love the pills

The methods of contraception, especially the versions of estrogen and progestin of the pill, may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer a few months after the start of treatment, according to the American Cancer Society.

They can develop cancer

Tumor germinal: develops the cells that produce eggs

Tumors in the stomach: are located in the tissue structural that supports the ovaries.