Sex cruel for a relationship more daring

With so many movies and books that talk about sex to another level is the most exciting thing in that you do not believe. Even if it is as descriptive and, although you don’t want to admit it, you also can get wet and want to experience more. There is nothing wrong in getting out of the routine or conventional. And if you want to take your life to something more exciting, try the sex caught .

sex …? Kinky dear friend, it is a behavior that combines the sex daring, spontaneous, explosive, and wild, explains the therapist, Roxana Fuentes , and this practice is used, fetishism and eroticism, as a couple can strengthen their love.

Sex cruel for a novice

I don’t know how to start

Right, this is the perfect time to meet the fantasies that you always had. As you already know, the movies help too, porn or erotic, and for sure if it will make you more excited than the other. Even a small scene where they do this in a public bathroom, for example. Why not start there?

what to use?

do Not limit yourself, experiment with sexy outfits, something that you may not dare to use, but you know that your partner will be mad, that you will not resist to your body . What do you think of bandear the eyes or tie up your hands?

Cosmopolitan advises you to use lingerie transparent, let go of the good girl and to be a “dominatrix irresistible”, plus a few balls into your vagina that vibrate when you move when it is an expert in sex kind.


The limits are your own, if you like buttocks naughty that you need to know, and you will tell you the strength and the frequency. A whip can be part of the meeting, until other toys more, increased by tone. The purpose is the pleasure of masters.

Be smart

most of us like to do it with a little bit of fear, if you want to do it in a public bathroom, do it! Just avoid being caught. The books are the worst mentors because they encourage you to do it in cars or family events. But it all depends on how smart and considerate you are for that they are not caught and become embarrassments later.

tell Me more

I swear that there is nothing more enjoyable to your partner talking about while they do it, the dirty are very explosive, but they say that you like to “suck my penis “, “now make it so”, “I love you” or “I wish you”, they will give once you do, getting to the excitement and who knows, maybe this can help you in any orgasm.

Plan, but not both

If you want things to take a good course, is a valid plan, but do not discuss too much to end up ruining the moment. You probably will not believe that you dare to do it, and that’s where your pleasure will be reflected by the surprise.

Think of the things that you may want to do, a toy to play with, probably, some of the scents or flavours that you would like to try. But stay in your head . Remember, without a plan for both.

Leaves, which is very fluid and natural, the things will follow your path for themselves, he will believe that you are a wicked woman, and daring that knows what to do, even if you have no idea what to do and how to start. But their bodies will guide them for the pleasure.

don’t forget your donation of condoms and lubricants, that you have a enjoyable sex-filled orgasms .