5 sex games ideal to do in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best places to start the stimulation before the sexual relations . If you do not feel very comfortable having sex as such, in the shower, do not worry, there are some sex games for the shower that increase the desire to continue with the action in the room.

Sandra Lustgarten , psychologist and sexologista, says that the bathroom is an ideal complement on the couple, especially to raise the eroticism.

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sex Games to the bathroom

Practicing them will give your sex life a spark of sensuality and you will feel much more connected to your partner.

Soap your body

You can get the game foaming at the back of your partner. Little by little, cross your body and make special emphasis on your erogenous zones.

The touch of your hands with your skin and water will be the most exciting.

Enjoy your body

The shower is perfect for you to enjoy every part of the naked body of your partner. You can caress your intimate area and kiss her slowly, so you will increase the sexual desire .

Change the temperature

Make games with the water is more exciting and more if you switch cold and hot water. Start playing with jets of cold water in your partner, and then switch to heat. You will awaken the eroticism and passion.

oral Sex

Being in the bath is the best time to give your partner oral sex or to make it with you.

we Recommend the use of a bank for which one of the two sounds, while the other does oral sex, supporting the knees with a towel.

Shower sensually

They are naked and together then because they did not take the opportunity to take a bath very sensual with one another. You can do it with a rhythm slow and sexy or fast and more sensual, the imagination is the limit.

They can wear fragrances, scented candles and put some music to make the atmosphere much more romantic and sexy.

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