Symptoms of preterm labor and how to avoid-

Every year, 15 million babies are born in the premature birth in the world and, according to the WHO , many suffer some type of disability valid for life, especially in learning, as well as visual problems and hearing loss. In the framework of the International Day of the premature baby , we say what are the symptoms of premature birth and how to avoid it .

The first thing you should know is that, when the birth occurs before week 21, it is considered a abortion , if it occurs between weeks 21 and 37, is considered a premature birth , and if it lasts more than 42 weeks, it is considered a late Delivery

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Symptoms of premature birth

If you suspect premature birth, you should immediately go to a doctor.


  • Increase of contractions

If you are between the weeks 21 and 37, you have contractions with a frequency of 15 minutes or less, between 20 seconds to 2 minutes each, you are at risk of premature birth.


  • intense Pressure on the pubic bone

Feel a strong pressure on the pelvis, the hips and the inner thighs, as if the baby were pushing down is a warning sign.


  • Pain in lower back

It manifests itself as a severe pain and continuous in the lower part of the back.


  • Cramps

cramps occurs as if you had your menstrual period for an hour or more, sometimes accompanied by diarrhea.


  • Increase or change in vaginal fluid

The vaginal discharge may vary in color and consistency, which may be transparent and mucosa to pink or brown.


  • vaginal Bleeding

vaginal bleeding during the second or third trimester of pregnancy is a symptom of premature birth.


  • Chills and increase in body temperature

it Is common to confuse these symptoms with other problems such as a cold, however, they can alert a problem in pregnancy.

How to prevent premature birth?

Some risk factors for premature birth are inevitable, however, you can do things to prevent this.

Avoid smoking in an early stage of pregnancy and do not drink alcoholic beverages. Try to get away from stress situations and heavy work. The achievement of classes pre-birth can be very useful.

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are excellent allies to prevent the premature birth .

Studies of the University of North Carolina found that women who exercise have a lower risk of premature birth, but the important thing is to keep a routine before you become pregnant.

If you have a healthy life before pregnancy is more likely to keep it throughout the process.

The prevention of preterm delivery is essential, since it is one of the main causes of infant deaths and childhood diseases. Remember that a good medical follow-up care and correct during the pregnancy will make the difference.

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