Symptoms and treatment of endometriosis

endometriosis is a disease evolutionary women that it affects approximately 2% of women . It is characterized by the presence of segments of endometrial that are implanted outside of the uterus, the genital organs, as the body of the uterus or the ovaries, but also in other local non-genital such as the peritoneum or rectum.

This disease, whose origin is unknown in the present, affects mainly young women up to 35 years. Once the endometrium is under the influence of sex hormones, the endometriosis will also be subject to these changes, which explains some of the symptoms.


The clinical signs the most frequent of endometriosis are abdominal pain and genital bleeding. the infertility is a frequent complication and also pain during sexual intercourse. In the case of endometriosis, the fragments are laid down in the uterus, in the ovaries and in the fallopian Tubes .

In more severe form, cysts (endometriomas) are formed in the uterus or in the ovary and the adhesions in the organs. The disease disappears spontaneously after the menopause. The time between the start of symptoms of endometriosis and its diagnosis is several years. The patients affected by this disease often complain of:

pelvic Pain

None of the painful symptoms is specific for endometriosis. The chronic pelvic pain is located at the level of the lower abdomen and can also reach the leg or the lower back. The presence of pelvic pain severe and persistent for several weeks or months can evoke the presence of endometriosis. A loss of consciousness can occur in case of intense pain.


A endometriosis causes severe pain during the menstruation that can be hemorrhagic . The pain can also appear between the rules and during ovulation.


The presence of pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) is another feature not specific to endometriosis.

digestive Disorders and urinary


  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • the

  • Pain during defecation
  • the

  • rectal Bleeding
  • the

  • Pain or burning during urination
  • the

  • Difficulties in emptying of the bladder


Episodes of chronic tiredness is a frequent symptom of endometriosis. This fatigue can be aggravated by the treatments.

Other symptoms

endometriosis can cause steroids . Bleeding brown at the end of the menstruation or after sexual intercourse, the appearance of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and, sometimes, pain in the lung or chest appear during menstruation and may be accompanied by cough.


The diagnosis of endometriosis is based on:


  • A gynecological examination in depth
  • the

  • An ultra-sound whose goal is to identify the presence of endometriosis
  • the

  • sometimes, a nuclear magnetic resonance
  • the

  • Laparoscopy to examine the abdominal cavity with an endoscope.
  • the

  • Confirm endometriosis
  • the

  • Possibility of eliminating the endometriosis during operation


The main goal of treatment of endometriosis is to reduce the unwanted tissue. Taking into account the influence of hormones, they are prescribed a drug with adverse effects on the proliferation of these tissues. Also through laparoscopy can eliminate a possible presence of endometriosis or to treat the adhesions between the organs.