Care of women after childbirth

In the early days after the birth must be very careful that infants and new mothers do not have health problems.

In the case of babies, you should be sure to have a clean house, applying the necessary vaccinations and go to the doctor to indicate what other measures to take.

With the women, the care is focused on your physical recovery from childbirth takes a lot of effort that can weaken them, causing discomfort and even depress.

If you just born or someone close to you just pass by it, then we tell you some tips that will help you speed up the recovery.

Rest as much as you can

In the early days, you may only want to eat, sleep and take care of the baby. All that is well and you should not feel bad if you want to be in your bed for a long time. It’s even necessary to make you feel better.

don’t be afraid of the changes

You can have blood loss as if it were your menstrual period for almost six weeks, you feel your feet and legs swollen, you feel constipated, you have severe cramps or milk coming from her nipples, even though you are not breastfeeding.

When this happens to you, do not worry because it is common after having a child.

in The same way, it is possible that you feel sad, angry or who is not willing to nothing. These can be symptoms of postpartum depression , so it is best to go to your physician for you to receive care appropriate.


Even if you want to rest, try to stay active walking or climbing stairs, since your body allows.

Enjoy also to enjoy the outdoors.

Sleep with your baby

Take advantage of when your baby falls asleep, so that you also rest.

So, both will be cool during the day and with a better mood.

Do things that relax you

take a moment of the day to do what you want, for example, read, listen to music, draw, etc.

Have good hygiene

do Not neglect your personal appearance, and if you bathe every day. This way, you will be more fresh, you will feel better and will prevent the baby from getting an agent harmful.

Living with partner

Pass a moment of the day, up to 15 minutes, to be alone with your partner and talk.

Being parents does not mean that the romance and interaction between the two does not already exist.

Enjoy your baby

Find a time of the day to enjoy your baby alone and make your partner do the same.

don’t be picky

Avoid being too picky with cleaning and meals. Nothing happens because things are not perfect for a few days, there will be time for that.