→ The 4 Main Symptoms of Asthma! 【DO NOT IGNORE】

The Main Symptoms of Asthma that everyone should stay tuned. In addition, the Asthma is a disease that affects the airways that carry air to and from your lungs. People who suffer from this chronic condition (long-lasting or recurrent) are said to be asthmatic. The inner walls of the airways of an asthmatic are swollen or inflamed. This swelling or inflammation makes the airways extremely sensitive to irritations and increases your susceptibility to an allergic reaction.

as the inflammation causes the airways to become narrower, less air can pass through them, both to the lungs and to the lungs. The symptoms of the narrowing include wheezing (wheezing during breathing), chest tightness, breathing problems, and coughing. Asthmatics usually experience these symptoms most frequently during the night and early in the morning. So, see The 4 Main Symptoms of Asthma:

Symptoms of Asthma: The symptoms of Asthma a person may vary from time to time – sometimes do not have symptoms, especially when the Asthma is well-controlled. The symptoms usually vary from person to person, but are most common:


  • lack of air.
  • the

  • Wheezing.
  • the

  • Feeling tight in the chest.
  • the

  • Continuing to cough.

Causes of Asthma: The causes of Asthma are not fully understood, although people with Asthma often have a family history of Asthma, eczema, and hay fever.

research has shown that exposure to tobacco smoke (especially as a baby or small child), obesity and some chemicals in the workplace may increase the risk of developing Asthma. Researchers are still trying to find out more about what causes Asthma and how we can prevent this.

Treatment For Asthma: The person asthmatic need to keep some care with the environment, in addition to using medications, and using certain techniques therapy, which demonstrate to be quite efficient. The medicines are of two classes: bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory. The bronchodilators dilate the airways and should be used when the asthmatic is gasping for air, wheezing in the chest or the crisis of coughing.

The anti-inflammatory drugs, in turn, should be used mainly to avoid and prevent acute attacks. These two classes of medications are maintenance features and can be used in several ways: by nebulization, spray, pill, syrup. Corticoids are used to fight inflammation. Such drugs are used with the aim of preventing disease exacerbations. There are other possibilities more recent treatment, still less consolidated. In certain cases it may be necessary to the use of incentive respiratory and respirators mechanical non-invasive.

The kinesiology treatment contributes to improve ventilation, aid in relaxation of the respiratory muscles, clear the airway, to improve the physical condition and improve the quality of life of affected individuals. In children, it consists in the work of breathing exercises, clearing bronchial and postural drainage, with stimulation of the cough if needed and training of the ventilatory pattern. In adults, emphasizes the stretching global, aerobic exercises, various breathing exercises and the monitoring of the flow of breathing, among others.