The pain of the ears in adults, to calm her down here, you have the best

When you have a ear ache in adults, it is necessary to specify the causes that motivate you and, therefore, you can apply multiple measures to get a relief very fast your symptoms irritants.

ear pain also affects adults, but they may refer to a group of symptoms that small children can’t express themselves and the causes and symptoms can be different. In addition to back pain, there may be a sensation of hearing full, hearing difficulties, dizziness and loss of balance. Depending on the cause that the cause, there may be fever, discharge from the ear canal, nausea and vomiting.

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What are the causes of pain in the pain adult?

In children the majority of the time ear pain is caused by an infection known as otitis media, however, in adults, in addition to this condition, there are other diseases that motivate the pain is not caused in the ear itself, but this manifests itself as ear pain. The source of the pain in the pain adult can be located at the junction of the lower jaw, in the throat, or nodes next to, or nearby areas and is known as referred pain or referred.

Among the causes that can cause pain in the ears in adults, there is infection in the ear which can be acute or chronic, depending on how they appear. They are located in the external ear or the middle ear and are accompanied by accumulation of fluid in the ear.

sometimes, the joint is responsible for chewing is called tmj can be affected by arthritis, or when many pieces are missing teeth and are chewing abnormal can also be reflected as ear pain.

When there is infection in the sinuses perineais, in the throat or on molars may also manifest itself with pain in the ears.

sudden Changes of altitude, to descend a mountain, or when the aeroplane descends abruptly can cause clogging of the tube of Eustaquio and this causes the pain of the ears.

When an object penetrates into the ear canal or wax accumulates, or there is a perforation, or perforation of the ear, may occur pain in the ear. Also the buildup of water, soap, shampoo, or other products.

How to relieve ear pain in adults?

Always the first question when we talk about prevention, relief and treatment should be What is the cause of my ear pain? The answer to this question will affect how to relieve the pain in the ears, but, regardless of the cause, there are some recommendations that can improve you immediately:

– If the cause is a change of height, you can chew gum sugar or suck a sweet and this will help you to decompress the tube of Eustaquio, also in cases in which the pressure is felt in the ear

– The application of cold compresses and boiled for 20 minutes about the base of the ear and the area of the clay spice mandibular will help to alleviate

– Leave the nose uncovered with washes frequent, water with saline, or saline

– do Not smoke, this contributes to the recurrence of otitis

– Taking pain relievers such as ibuprofen, paracetamol produces an improvement

– Try to sit, it is preferable to lie down, because it helps to decrease the pressure in the middle ear

– There are drops analgesic topical that improve the pain in the ears, but should not be used in the perforation of the tympanic membrane

– The warm oil applied with a dropper sterile can produce improvements

– do Not insert objects in their ears and avoid accumulating water and other products in them. The best way is leaning and drying as well

If ear pain in adults is persistent, it may be necessary to use antihistamines and decongestants as well as antibiotics, such as Amoxicillin, will depend on the medical evaluation and of the indications as appropriate in accordance with the causes that motivate your ear pain.