The kitchen doesn’t bite: in search of the flavor of the ancestral

it Is easy to get mad in the supermarket because you don’t understand the difference between the new categories of food existing. For example, with heritage ingredients ancestors.

The inheritance or wonder ancestor. The fruits or vegetables of this variety are the “unique breeds”, the seeds of old that came up today without genetic modifications, preserved by families from generation to generation. They are tasty and nutritious, as our grandparents ate decades ago. They are protected, and to be classified as an inheritance, they should come from a cultivation not massive; that is, always on a small scale.

As a little girl, I remember that there were never two tomatoes identical, because all were different, as well as the mother wanted. Then, the hand of the man who started the “change the race”. These tomatoes, for example, have become what they are today: all the same, and without the taste of before, all this product of manipulation for convenience economic. Then, when you find some variety of inheritance, is carrot, cabbage,flower or any other, you know that you have at hand a ingredient full of flavor and with over 60 years of age.

Remember this and never forget: to eating well you do not need to go to extremes or spend a lot of money. Just use your good judgment, buy consciously, you try to sow seeds in the house – at least some herbs, fruit and vegetables – and eat food that is less changed, and as fresh and natural as possible.

If your budget will allow, take organic ingredients home, support the purchasing of sustainability of small-scale farmers in your area, consume seasonal ingredients and choose protein from the animals that lived in their natural environment. Whenever you can, look for the seal of the Project Non-GMO, which promotes the use of ingredients with no genetic modifications.

For the flavor and safety, the planet, your family and your taste buds will thank you. For recipes and other advice, get my book onlineline or visit