The risks of hair removal

hair removal hot is a method widely used to delete the body hair , the its easy application consists of a resin which, when heated, melts, and acquires a sticky consistency to the skin.

The treatment is based on placement of a wax in the area to be removed, leaving it to dry for a few seconds, and then ruin it with an attraction.

The women who undergo this procedure may have itching , swelling , irritation and allergic reactions.

Below we show in details what are the risks hair removal and how you can avoid them:


it Is an inflammation in the skin that cause redness and swelling, after suffering damages caused by the wax.


Occurs when the hair follicles become inflamed, red patches appear with a point full of pus.


the Most well-known as hair ingrown and are managed by epilation with tweezers and cereals, is the inlay under the skin of a thick hair that grows like a grain.


The application of wax may cause serious burns on the skin and leave scars.

What steps to take to reduce the risks?

When you shave


  • The person who is going to shave should be well disinfected hands and use latex gloves.
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  • The wax must not be expired and the temperature must be adequate to avoid burns.
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  • do Not use lotions or creams oil before shaving.
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  • The instruments that are used must be disposable.

Care hair removal


  • After hair removal, avoid baths with very hot water and sun exposure.
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  • In case of irritation or swelling it is advisable to apply a bit of gel of aloe.
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  • Avoid wearing tight clothing, lotions with alcohol and makeup.
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  • To avoid that the hair grows quickly, it is advisable to exfoliate three or four days after the waxing.

The avocado is rich in content of oils and antioxidants prevent aging .

When to avoid waxing?

people that suffer from diabetes type 1 and 2 should not suffer this type of hair removal because they are at high risk of contracting infections, the same happens with those who have disorders of the immune system.

Consume medicines antihistamines, tetracycline, or anticoagulants increase the sensitivity to undesirable effects of this hair removal technique.

If you have any questions about this procedure, it is necessary to consult a professional beauty who will approve if you are able or not to perform the procedure of hair removal.

Reduces the appearance of bags uncomfortable dark circles that produce under the eyes.

To reduce them to the maximum, it is recommended that you use this cream anti-inflammatory base of chamomile and cucumber.


How to do this?

As you can see, you can look radiant, and take care of your skin with products that are very cheap and common.