Sensuality is self-esteem, not beauty

did You know that the sensuality is only a reflection of their self-esteem ? In an interview with the SUMEDICO Radio , the sex therapist and the academic director of the Open Closet , Rinna Riesenfeld pointed out that many times people do not believe they are sexy because they do not fit the standards of “beauty”, when in reality very little has to do with the physical attributes.

it is an expert in sexuality indicated that the sensuality can develop throughout life and learn in any facet, it is only necessary to give us “the votes of self-esteem and to know well the merchandise that we have to offer”.

however, it is also possible to be born sexy or sexy “ sometimes, even though people grow up in an environment of all the scouts, very athletic and disordered, any member of the family wants to stay as well, do the hair and dress nice, this person Is sexy or sensual way innate “, said Riessenfled.

He added that sensuality should not be confused with sexuality or sexy, because the second is specifically directed to the area of sexual or erotic, while the sensual encompasses all of the senses and skills of the person, such as intelligence, emotionality, and even money.

“The secret to being sexy is to know your merchandise (all skills, abilities and attributes), to know which are your best products and offering them to buy them.” This means knowing how to attract attention to the area of interest, that is, you do not want to sell. They want to buy, but for you to buy what you sell. “

With this simile, the expert explained that in his single person is very smart, you should seduce with your intellectual ability, that is the weapon safe that she has, whereas if a person worships her legs, she can wear a miniskirt and direct the attention to this area of security.

in this regard, Gabriela Medina mentioned that “in fact, the sensuality has a lot to do with attitude, with what you already brings and the that you develop throughout life,”, adding that especially women who work in environments that are male they forget their femininity and your sensuality, so that all are convinced that their achievements were due to his own capacity and not for other reasons.

And invited all the women to accept and to rescue this important part, without focusing exclusively on the “the sexes, but in what makes you feel good”.

For exemplificá it, take the case of the sketches of the television in a scene showing a woman totally dull and, in another, a woman that oozes sensuality and says that “women have to put the chip that it is possible to be sensuous”.

The senses and the physical things are different

“we Must learn to separate the physical part with the senses, attitudes and security which is what really entices the other”, said the therapist.

He also pointed out that there is always someone who is willing to buy, “we just need to believe that we made the sale with success and not to ask later that you said yes, are you sure?”

in this regard, the journalist Cyntia Rodriguez, a member of the circle of women “we Are ¡Oh! Diosas”, reported that he lost his sexiness after she left to live in Italy, “I gained a lot of weight because the food is very rich in carbohydrates , my partner said to me, hey, you’re climbing and this also was a pressure for me and I no longer liked me “.

But when he resumed as a woman with her femininity “I left the suits made no-nonsense for the most beautiful clothes, I went back to the exercise, and again I liked it in front of the mirror, however, I do not consider myself fully sensual, I need to work more on My self-esteem, but I am more sensual than when I just gain weight “.

For her, the sensuality was in the physical, explained Rinna, that is why, when he recovered the lost one, there has been an improvement in it, however, the therapist emphasized that “many of the men can describe how sexy a woman with excess weight , short or not it looks anything like what we have said is beautiful, but it attracts a lot his attitude, his way of walking, or something of the essence of a particular person.

He also explained to me that it has nothing to do with age, “a woman of 40 or more can be very sensual if she believes and reflects with the safety”.

in this regard, Cyntia mentioned that “when you lose your security, you lose your sensuality, you will transmit this sensory characteristic, as it happened to me when I came out of Mexico” he shared.

Finally, Rinna mentioned that when a person values his physicality in sensuality, they also need to learn about fashion, cosmetics and other things that help them stand out and emphasize what each person wants to explore.

And, above all, “we must be aware that we may explore all that we have to seduce and seduce not only at the level of sexual, but seduce in the area that interests us conquer the other, being a couple, business, social relations, etc.” he added.