This robot is able to recognize your mood

When a person discovers that your mood is a problem, of course, when you want to hide, you think of a robot treat. Strange, you don’t believe, but now it is possible.

sumé , we have a team of researchers from the Group of Technology of Computers and Artificial Intelligence of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and their counterparts in the University of Minho (Portugal) decided to take it a step further and developed a prototype of a robot capable of stimulating the mood of those individuals that interact with it.

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This allows the robotic system enriches your knowledge in relation to the environment that surrounds you, and improve your interaction with human beings. In this way, the mechanism can make estimates of the people that differ the most from the mood of the group and try to act on them.


The professor of Computer Systems and Representation at the UPV and researcher at Group of Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Vicente Julián , explains how the robot can intervene with the following example:

“If the robot you want to keep a group of kids entertained, the mood of the group can decide to act specifically on the children emotionally more distant from the group and, thus, trying to homogenize the emotional state of the collective “.

The screen reflects your mood

The robotic designed by experts in Spanish and Portuguese incorporates a series of elements that allow for its versatility.

Among those that include a screen in which your emotional state is reflected, infrared radiation sensors, a camera for identification of persons, a sensor Handle (for its acronym in English Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging) and three Raspberry Pi, which constitute the ” brain ” of the prototype.

This work is part of an international project focused on the interaction of robots with humans. In this research, the team’s Spanish-Portuguese focused on the detection of emotions and their later interpretation by computer systems.

you Can identify one or more emotional states

The result of the monitoring of emotions is used in an innovative way, in which intended to identify one or more emotional states of a group of people and how these states are spread over time.

“The robot interprets these changes emotional and uses it in decision making,”, says the teacher, Julian. Together with the researcher of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, experts in the field Carlos Carracosa and Jaime Rincón complete the team .

Now can be applied in various fields

The results obtained by this team can be applied in various fields and areas where interaction is required between the robot and the human.

In the case of robots dedicated to the care, environments, commercial, or educational.

This project received the IBM Excellence Award , in the framework of the international conference on Paams 2017 (the 15th International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Systems Multi-Agents), held in Porto at the end of last June and which brought together around 300 international experts in artificial intelligence (AI)