Get to know a tea is able to end up with abdominal fat and the cholesterol

One of the traditions most common practiced by people every end of the year are the promises and plans to change or improve the life. After all, it is as the old saying goes: new Year, new life.

One of the promises, the most recurring is to lose weight or simply adopt a healthier diet.

Unfortunately, most people who are overweight, they see the issue not as a health issue, but rather as something aesthetic, submitting, often, the several methods of weight loss “miraculous”, but without having to worry about or think about whether this will do harm to health.

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in addition, for more that overweight to be minimal, it may increase and bring about several problems in the future. Some of them are caused thanks to increase of cholesterol and of triglycerides in the body. But you know what is each of these things and what is it for? Check out the following is a brief explanation and the recipe of a tea that will help control these substances.


Although the name may seem odd to some people, the triglycerides are the form of fat most common in our body. Very present in carbohydrates, primarily the industrialized ones made of white flour (refined). Its main function is to provide energy for our body.

When their levels are high, they will accumulate in fatty tissues that are under the skin so that they can be used in the future. Or is that belly fat is nothing but accumulated energy.


as Well as the triglycerides, cholesterol is also a type of fat, but the function of this is completely different from the other. In addition to being the structural component of cell membranes that are scattered by our body, it is also very important for the production of hormones steroids (testosterone and progesterone), bile acids, and vitamin D.
Acquired through the ingestion of products of animal origin, cholesterol has two variations: the LDL, known as bad cholesterol, in excess, favors the accumulation of fat in the tissues and arteries.

This clumping eventually forming plaques that hinder blood circulation. Already the HDL (the good guy of the story), it helps to clear the airways from the blood and sends all of this accumulated fat in the liver, which will be the responsible for metabolizing and send them to the excretory system.


  • 1 handful artichoke;
  • 1 handful of coot, sweet;
  • 1 handful of pariparoba;
  • 1 handful of sete sangrias;
  • 1 handful of leaves of the olive tree;
  • 1 handful of white tea;
  • 1 liter of water.

Prepare and use

In a pan or teapot, pour all the water and light the fire. As soon as they start to boil, turn off the heat, pour in all of the sheets in the liquid and cover the pan. Let it rest for about 20 minutes and then strain.

The recommended by the naturopath is that there is a consumption of five cups of tea per day for the results to be more effective.

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