It is thus that the skin disease butterfly affects children

diseases of The skin affect a good number of people and there is a condition of this type, which, although little known, has important repercussions: the disease of skin butterfly or the skin crystal .

what is skin disease butterfly?

The skin of the butterfly , also known as epidermolysis bullosa , is a genetic disease , which means that it is hereditary.

it Is characterized by the formation of blisters on the skin and up to now, there is no curative treatment for this disease.

The bubbles are produced at the slightest touch, or any trauma to the skin, and usually occur at birth or after birth. Can occur itching in the skin and intolerance to heat.

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with No cure for the skin butterfly

Olga Gutiérrez, dermatologist pediatric Hospital Pediatric General Children of Acosta ñu , states that the skin of the butterfly is a disease with which she lives life.

in The same way, the dermatologist emphasizes the importance of prevention in the complications of the disease:

“In the first place, the prevention, if we say that the bubbles form at the slightest touch, it means that we should avoid trauma to these children do not present bubbles”.

This means that the baby or the child may not be exposed to the slightest rubbing of clothes or toys, in addition, the baths should be made in a bath with cleaning products special.

The expert says that the disease of butterfly can be detected via the genetic studies , although these can be made up until the birth, when the child already starts to produce bubbles.

Unfortunately, most of the patients are single cases in their families, therefore no previous study has been done, concludes Dr. Gutiérrez.

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