Medo of becoming pregnant? It can be tocophobia

Just as there are people who do not want to have children, there are people who fear the pregnancy , known as tocofobia, but do not commit the errors , is not the same thing.

it Is one thing to not want to have children, whether by economic, social, environmental, etc., another is to feel fear and anguish before that. On the contrary, there are women who want to get pregnant, but fear having children when they think of birth or about the changes that the body will suffer, for example.

what is tocophobia?

A little confusing, but in the sumé we inform you about this condition. The tocoferia is described as an irrational fear of getting pregnant, and, still more, of the pain of childbirth. Even in some cases, the latter can cause so much terror that women who are pregnant can have an abortion, even if they want to become mothers.

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don’t worry, only 3% of the female population suffers from tocoperia, women avoid getting pregnant in such a way that its design becomes a obsession, and even deceive their partners, telling them that they are infertile .


The causes can vary depending on the patient, including:


  • Fear of being a bad mother
  • the

  • physical Changes during pregnancy
  • the

  • Responsibilities that the baby contracts
  • the

  • are you afraid of getting sick or get hurt during the pregnancy or the birth process
  • the

  • Those who have been raped as a result of trauma
  • the

  • constant Visits to hospitals

This type of phobia is divided into two grades, primary and secondary.

The main : these are women who have not had children and are common in adolescence

The second: there is those that have gone through the experience and do not want to repeat again, due to some trauma in a previous pregnancy.


There are treatments available to help women overcome their tocoperia. Therefore, psychotherapy is a good option for this disorder. Therapy can help the patient to get to the bottom of what is causing this fear irrational.

once you have a professional psychological establishes the basis of the fear of the patient, it is easier to find other forms of treatment that will be most effective.