To where it’s used the protein?

what is protein , is mostly a substance that is essential to the level of muscle.

In fact, they are essential for maintaining the health of the body tissues and their growth.

however, not only has to do with the health of muscle, other tissues are also compromised as the brain, nails, heart, hair, skin, and blood.

What is protein used for in the dust

What is protein used for, powder

The protein powder has a high content of this substance, and practically your index of fat is zero.

As an example of this, there may be soy, egg whites and whey in the milk where you can see a protein of high biological value, is healthy for the muscle mass.

Milkshakes are suitable for all people, not just for those who practice sports. These are supplements that help you gain weight and muscle at the same time help you lose fat.

A bodybuilder can add to their daily meals (five or six) one or two shakes to the diet.

however, if the intention is to lose fat, the supplements are taken as substitute for, for example, breakfast or dinner.

What is protein used for , amino acids

What is protein used for amino acids

amino acids are chemical compounds that form the unit constituent of the protein. Of the 22, only 13 of them can be formed by the body, so they are called nonessential amino acids, in opposition to the 9 remaining, such as essential amino acids because they cannot be formed by the body and must be received by foods rich in proteins to avoid the lack of them.

where is used the protein ?

The lack of protein can lead to low muscle tone, low energy, low resistance to infection, slow healing of wounds, weakness of the skin, hair and nails, problems of recovery after you have dyed it with intensity.

Just as it is important to know the lack of protein in a diet also it is important to know a load of these.

where is used the protein , overhead,

since proteins cannot be stored like carbs or fats, when the exceed, the nitrogen is lost as urea in the urine, causing the rim overload, because the renal tract must have a strain on the work to process the nitrogen. That is why it is necessary to carry a indispensable diet of low protein in people with kidney problems.

The kidneys may improve the drainage, consuming plenty of water, especially in the elderly.

what is protein , food

what is protein, food

Not only of the add-ins it is possible to acquire it in the diet account with many examples of the rich in these substances.

For example, the loin stuffed is one of the richest of them with 50 grams on a piece of 100 grams.

soy also has a high percentage of these substances for every 100 grams you get a contribution of 37 grams and, in addition, you receive a large portion of the amino acids, except for methionine, but may be complemented by the combination of soy with other foods.

The cheese cured Manchego is another example, for each 100 grams it contributes 32 grams. However, it is rich in fat content. Although its content of fat is reduced with a cure and more low, the percentage of protein is also reduced. Skimmed milk powder also has a high intake of protein, per 100 grams provides 35 grams and guile contains 1 gram of fat.

The cod is a fish rich in protein and with low content of fat, as each 100 grams provides 30,5 grams.

we can Also cite lentils, eggs, milk, pork, cabrales, almonds, sausage, blood, liver, chicken meat, cute, chorizo, blue cheese, chicken Breast, canned sardine, chickpea, preserved tuna, cod, snails, hake, pistachio, salmon, monkfish and peas. Lee: How to gain weight quickly .


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it is Recommended that you consume 500 milligrams three times daily between meals.