Women who drink are judged more than men

On 10 June, the 82nd anniversary of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous was celebrated all over the world, your president in Mexico, Roberto Karam Araujo, said that, before the relation of alcohol consumption by gender, it was one woman for every five men, and today Is almost one-to-one.

society judges women more

however, society judges women who drink more difficult in comparison with men, which isolates them to a greater extent and makes it difficult to search for help.

Therefore, he recalled that, while 91 per cent of the members of AA in Mexico are men, and 9.0 percent are women; while in 52% of the more than 14 thousand groups there are no women registered.

He explained that another group in which the alcohol consumption grew, but not the attention of them is the young, because according to Karam Araujo is more common for people to come ask for help after they have “touched the bottom”.

How to help young people?

in this respect, Orlando Ramírez Téllez, member of the Board of Directors of the Civil Association, recalled that as a result of the new criminal justice system adversarial, the AA transmits your 12 step program to young offenders, injunctive relief, and in many cases avoids the pre-trial detention .

Approximately 4.0 percent of the members of AA are under the age of 21, and 15 percent between 21 and 30 and 37 percent of 31 to 40, making this segment the largest.

The Organization of Alcoholics Anonymous was born on 10 June 1935 in the city of Akron Ohio, the United States, is now in 181 countries and has two million members. (With information from Notimex)