Bernat Soria, announced a new plan of action in support of the celiac patients

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) The minister of Health and Consumption, Bernat Soria, announcement’ a new plan of measures for the care of the sick celíacos directed to the food labeling, what, s&number;n Soria, "cheapená shopping basket of families", a measure in which Espa&bath;to beá "pioneering in Europe".

In statements to cadena Ser gathered by Europa Press, ” explained’ that the new measures will focusán "labelling" of the special foods that need to take these sick people, who in Espa&bath;to exceed 450,000 cases. With this measure, families who have in their charge a celiac, "will not haveán to buy foreign goods to make sure there are gluten-free". S&number;n apunt’, it is estimated that in crackers, pasta and bread, these people spend an average of 400 euros más a&bath;or that those who do not suffer from this disease. Soria has a&bath;added that the year’n of the Ministry of Health is alsoén to know cuántos citizens are affected by this disease and make a ‘map’. Despite this, record,’ that "epidemiología has its difficulties", for which is necessary the collaboration’n with the food industry and the hostelería. "DISCRETE DEFICIENCY" OF MEDICAL. The minister of Health was asked about the lack of medical professionals in Espa&bath;to, to what apunt’ that "missing or extra s&number;n the model of medicine that talk", so that apunt’ that, in the case espa&bath;ol, "there is a discrete déficit, which can happen to be important" in the pr’over the next 5 years ’ 10&years. "The movement of médoctors it is a fact that está in our international agreements. We must ensure that we translate in a better care’s citizens", said’. On the plan of jubilaci’n médoctors, the minister has said that "have been called in más squares of specialization’n and have increased the n&number;number of seats in universities",&bathrooms;’. Also, Soria demonstrated’ satisfied with the career of the Law for smoke-free during the time it takes to implementationáperform and confirm,’ which in some communities aut’nomas was noticing "a change", although lament’ that certain regional governments were "sending messages" that do not translate "on what the law commanded in the Parliament". "The Government is working to improve the quality of citizens; and does so with laws, campa&branches;as, education’n health, prevention’re smoking… it Is good to defend the Constitution’re defending the Law", said’ the holder of Health. For this reason, indic’ that the Executive has disposed of "acts of control and inspection’n" to prove that it complies with the law in all of the Communities, with which we sign agreements. "In the case of Madrid, and warns that they are not going to do, we don’t do conventions. Your government does not está by the work", said’. For the &number;last, refiri’ at the proposal of Law anti-alcohol of its predecessor, Elena Salgado, and said’ that what is important is to "avoid the consumption of alcohol among minors", but that is not always the establishment of a law was "best procedure". "ZAPATERO DEFENDS ALL ESPA&Bath;OLS". Also, Soria aludi’ to the polémica emerged after the reaction’n of the King in the XVII Ibero-american Summit held in Chile, and defendi’ the position of the president of the Government, José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero. "At this Summit it has been known that we have a president who defends all espa&bath;oles, in any part of the world", it underlines’. For the &number;last, neg’ relationships diplomáticas between Espa&bath;and the países Latin america have been affected with these facts and insisti’ in our país está performing his role as "correctly". "Espa&bath;should maintain a position’n of friendship, but, of course, alsoén must know how to send messages", asever’.