An expert warns that the flu is not just a matter of adults, and remember that children are the most affected

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) the head of The section’n of the Unit of Infectious Diseases, Hospital Infantil La Paz, Fernando Del Castillo, ensuring’ today that on all of the or&years under the age of two or three to&years and infants are "the más impacted" by the influenza virus and aclar’ that is wrong the widespread idea that "the flu is a thing of adults".

In statements to Europa Press, The Field it underlines’ that it is a disease own "end of life", both of the nor&bath;os as of the elderly, although it affects all ages. Así, concret’ it is at these ages when the flu más patologías and larger n&number;number of income it produces. In this sense, The Field apunt’ that this virus presents itself in many ways and that is "equ’spirit", in the sense that it may seem to many other diseases. "That causes the diagnosis’forecast on the nor&bath;os is más difícil from the point of view clínico, and without the help of an analítica", apunt’. Así, aclar’ that neither&bath;os influenza has "other mode of expression’n", which often consists of "just a fever más or less high of a few días, and even respiratory processes of bronchitis" and does not know that it is a flu it is not until you will have the análysis. "The adult has a box, más trimmed, and más prototípeak with fever, malaise and headache",&bathrooms;adi’. MEASURES HIGINICAS FAMILY. On the other side Of the Castle highlighted wi’ the measures higiénica’s family as essential to prevent the flu among the más peque&bath;os of the casa. Así, said’ family members often forget that the infant is "a be checked out, and with a greater chance of contagion", especially during the winter. Field explanation’ that many times we don’t realize that the adult that está around the nor&bath;or with a process catarrhal "you can pass, not only to través breath’n pr’closer, but alsoén a través hands" as afterés come out through the nose the virus está this in éstas. Así, The Field recomend it’ parents to take measures such as "the washing of hands and the use of masks" in case you are have a cold, and a&bath;adi’ lo más recommended is that the rest of the family is approached less as possible, since that "the hun&bath;os sometimes is harmful". VACCINES "EFFECTIVE". On the other hand, record’ that the flu vaccine is "effective" and that "prevents the flu are serious and many minor forms in a very clear", therefore insisti’ in which "must’to use a much más of what is done", despite the fact of having to repeat the vaccine every a&bath;os "it is a thing that retracts" both médoctors and family. The Field vaticin’ that the future está "in the inhaled vaccine or vínasal", which for the moment is limited to an age ni&years under the age of five or six&years, because "there are not enough studies to be able to use one extensively". Finally, we&bath;’ that this winter is the worst, and that to date there has not been "too many processes of influenza-like illness", but&bath;adi’ that "in the &number;last weeks there has been an increase" and with "first signs" of the day’n may be changing.