Identified the molecular mechanism that allows the virus of the hemorrhagic fevers to enter the body

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) Researchers from the Harvard Medical School in Boston (Usa) have identified the molecular mechanism that allows the virus of fevers hemorrátimes to enter the body. The conclusions of the research’n, which couldían lead to the development of treatments for people infected with these lethal viruses, are published in the edition’re a digital magazine ‘Nature’.

researchers have identified the receptor that allows you to enter in the células of the mamíferos to the arenavirus of the fever, hemorrágica of the New World. The receptor 1 for transferrin (TfR1) is the cellular receptor of the four arenavirus of the New World viruses Junin, Machupo, Guanarito and Sabia. When the authors of the work tried the células in culture with an antibody against this receptor block’ the input and replicaci’n viral. The transferrin receptor is known for its role in the transport of iron, the proteína transferrin iron-rich transports éste to célula. The deficiency of iron in the cultivation enhances the efficiency of infection’n by viruses Junin and Machupo, and iron supplements decrease such effectiveness. The study raises the chances that the iron deficiency couldíto be a risk factor for contracting these diseases.