You bite your nails? Can be a compulsive habit

If you are one of those who constantly bites his lips or put your fingers in the mouth, bite your nails , you is that 25% of the population that does this. And although it seems a fairly common practice, you can become a compulsive habit, and this can cause major damage to your health.

You against Your compulsive habits

by Scratching the skin, touching their hair, rubbing your eyes, biting your nails or biting the inside of her cheeks. The compulsive habits can affect many areas of life.

A new study from a team of researchers from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), is launching a new explanation for all of our habits. According to these experts is a failure in the control system of the brain, this could lay the foundations of compulsions in the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and leaving out the theories that habits are created by the subject.

Your brain collapses

To the researchers, these habits are a condition that causes the brain when it collapses. “The system’s habits, the brain goes crazy”, they say. To reach this result, the researchers escanearam the brains of 37 patients with OCD, 33 without this disorder.

They subjected the volunteers to a test repeating of the behavioral response, they found that patients with OCD were less capable of stopping their habits, while the brain activity excess was observed in the caudate nucleus (an important part of the brain that controls various activities, including the learn).

scientists believe that the habits can be caused by a fault in the brain system that controls the habits of any person with the habit of a repetitive nature.

what is TOC?

The obsessive-compulsive disorder is usually heterogeneous, patients present with a variety of symptoms, among which are:


  • Order and symmetry: the search for perfection, the voltage intense and uncomfortable to see or think that these objects can be touched and moved in a different order.
  • the

  • Pollution: the Feeling of contamination or dirt, germs or viruses on the skin
  • the

  • Counters: need to count anything, the windows, the cars, the lines of the floor.

Now, there is only the TOC, there are a number of human behaviors that are considered examples of compulsive habits, including drug abuse, alcohol and binge.

what all these behaviors have in common is the loss of control, perhaps due to miscommunication between regions that control our habit.

While some habits help us live a little better, there are others as OCD that modify our lives.

Habits and your health

In the privacy, the habit obsessive suffer from some disease or infection, their encounters are not entirely pleasant. Although in relations to daily social, the behavior of people tends to annoy people that suffer from some type of OCD.

An adult with the compulsion to wash your hands constantly, you could visit a dermatologist due to the fingers can be injured, as well as your skin. A parent could go to the doctor, when he discovered that his son bathes 3 or 4 times per day.