Care that you must have after sex

there are Many tips that say to have sex secure way, both before the act and during the period, but when it was over?

The emotions that cause the sex is so great and pleasant that even though ahab, we want to remain a little bit more, many couples are in bed, hugging and talking.

Although it is legal, be aware that some care should be taken in account to prevent infections and other health problems.

Some of the measures that you must take at the end of a sexual relationship are the following four. Don’t stop doing them!

Go to urinate

At the time of completion, men and women should go to the bathroom to urinate, as this will prevent the generation of bacteria in the intimate area.

do Not drink tubs

If you had erotic games with oils or gels, the idea is to rinse with water before entering the bath or otherwise, you may get an infection.

do Not use wet towels

In the case of women, it is best to avoid towels intimate because, although they have been designed to have a good cleaning, at the end of act may cause the accumulation of microorganisms.

do Not use toilet paper

in The same way, do not use toilet paper to clean the genitals. It is advisable to use a soft clean towel.