You ended with your partner? Overcomes the temptation to call it

we All know that when our relationship ends, it is very difficult to overcome the attachment, and loneliness generated by not be with that person, we also know that there are many cases in which the temptation and the habit of continuously call to speak or know how much, but there are more reasons why it is not good to continue insisting with all the calls that you voluntarily or involuntarily makes your ex.

In the first place, you must accept the fact that their relationship ended, and that, no matter how much you want or need to know how your ex is not good that you continue abusing it with their calls and messages, much less if it is in these situations:


  • When the relationship ended and you have a few hours or days: we know that you still have confusing feelings, but it is necessary to keep a distance to clarify everything you feel. It is recommended until the minimum is 30 days without contact.
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  • are You afraid to be alone: the habit of being accompanied all the time and have someone to quit is something that usually affects very when you realize that you are now “alone” and all these things that you did as a couple, you must spend alone, not do not worry, this time use this to get to know you, know what you like and what you don’t, learn to be with you.
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  • You will make the party, and in the evening, already with a few drinks, picks up the phone and makes thousands of calls until you answer and here there are two options in the first time you cries and begs the other person to forgive you and to come back The second, you claim all of these moments that can’t defend themselves, you are aggressive and insulting. In both cases, their dignity is in tatters and it worsens things. Avoid this moment of discomfort and best leave your cell at home or in the hands of someone more responsible.

But if it is not yet clear to you, and you hesitate to connect or not, we give you some reasons so that you do not doubt more.

Steps to avoid contact with your ex-partner

first, delete to their number, and all previous conversations or call logs that you have, social networks are an ordeal at the time, more if you have thousands of photos and videos or your posts, then delete or stop following to his former partner on social networks, this will help you eliminate any temptation.

Spend most of the time with friends and family, get to know them, even though you have not seen for a while or spend some time with you. Give yourself all of your tastes, it is important that you take care of all your time.

The more you speak with your ex-partner, the more difficult it will be for you to leave everything in peace. It is best not to talk with her, learn to love yourself and give a little more value to your self-esteem. By the fact your relationship ended, remember that your relationship ended … now to next.